MAGIS Naoto Fukasawa


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L. 30 x D. 4 H. 30 cm.
Co-injection moulded ABS.
Naoto Fukasawa
Battery included
Fournished with battery

Product reference code: 100001798

Product reference code: 100001798

Product reference code: 100001798

Wall clock 

The inspiration for this product is derived from the image that you usually have of a clock, which is used in children's schools for them to play and study with and an idea of creating a clock that resembles clock icons that we see in computer screens everyday. What makes it so symbolic is the fact that all the components are raised over the base and that their contours are rounded. Moreover all these pieces share a same width which creates a unified visual language. 

To design shape is to give form to values that people share and Naoto Fukasawa visually captures these values and draws their exact outline. His concept of finding clues in people’s subconscious behaviour, which he named “Without Thought”, is his best-known. This symbolic and unusual Tempo, is suitable for all spaces. 

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