Aura 29/03
treku Angel Martí & Enrique Delamo

Aura 29/03

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The closed modules are extraction drawers. It is possible to produce different door / drawer labels; for different solutions contact us
W. 132 x D. 47 x H. 125 cm
Aura sideboard in oak, white and russet.
Angel Martí & Enrique Delamo

Product reference code: 20707555

Product reference code: 20707555

Product reference code: 20707555

Aura is a collection designed to complete living and dining rooms, with endless possibilities for customization: cupboards, sideboards and TV cabinets.

The design of the collection is inspired by the past but with the contamination of the Nordic design, which have always been able to combine tradition and naturalness with great doses of modernity. The result is a collection of memories that reflects a very modern atmosphere. The metal and wood legs specially designed for the collection point out the retro and timeless touch. The finishes play an important role in this collection: walnut or oak wood with natural finish and lacquered pastel colors that fit perfectly togheter.

You can design your Aura in a few simple steps. First, choose the size and finish of the outer casing; the interior is configurable according to your taste and needs with different modules such as drawers, doors, push-pull or open modules. Finally, you can add different types of legs or brackets to lift the composite from the ground, or choose plastic grommets and place the structure directly on the floor.

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