String System - Home Officing 1

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Painted metal
N. 2 Floor panels h.200 x d. 30 cm, N. 3 shelves w.78 x d.30 cm & work desk w.78 x d.58 cm
Varius colours, contact us for more information.

Product reference code: 100009978

Product reference code: 100009978

Product reference code: 100009978

When your home space is scarce, or you just want to keep you home office space to an absolute minimum. This combination will be your savior. With two floor panels, three shelves and one work desk you have your dedicated work space at the bottom and room for books, note pads and folders above.

We have created five home office combinations, that are carefully put together to create the most optimal space for you when working remotely. We had no idea our homes were this poorly equipped for work. The tables are too low, there is no possibility to stand and work and there is not enough space for all pens and other small items. This may seem trivial in times like this, but it is important to hold on to that everyday life and why not make it as comfortable and seamless as possible? 

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