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H. 30 cm, L. 35 cm
Glass, brass, plastic, hand-crafted goose-feather wings
Ingo Maurer Design
Light fitting
35 Watt, 230 V/50 Hz
Illuminant included

Product reference code: 78641445

Product reference code: 78641445

Product reference code: 78641445

With Lucellino Ingo Maurer change the light bulb in a flying spirit. As typical by Ingo Maurer, the bulb is placed in the centre of the design that floats through the room like a bird.

Lucellino merges the light bulb with wings and a structure that lets it fly and gives it life. The Lucellino wire framework is flexible so that the lamp can be shaped by yourself. The design of the curious table lamp from Ingo Maurer dates from the year 1992. The name “Lucellino” is a joke and refers to the table lamp’s design: Luce means light on Italian, and Uccellino means tiny bird. The Lucellino table lamp consists of glass, brass and synthetic. The wings consist of handmade goose feathers.

The Lucellino delivery package includes two bulbs. The table lamp is not suitable for high air-humidity rooms. To enable Lucellino the manufacturer Ingo Maurer suggests a halogen illuminant of max. 230 volt and max. 35 watt.

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