Seletti is a story of vision and evolution established in 1964, in Cicognara, Mantova by Romano Seletti. Romano become a true pioneer in the importation of products for the home- objects in bamboo, tableware and cloths –. The dynamic '80s were a time of growth and the next generation of the Seletti family (Stefano and Miria) brought new energy to the business. 

In the 1990's, the company continued to evolve. Other than just commercial strategies the company was constantly expanding its productivity, not only producing "Arts & Crafts" but also products using metal, glass and porcelain on an industrial scale. The brand's desire is to create a group that can grow and evolve together, a challenge, that, so far, is producing great results. Nowadays, Seletti is working with young Italian and international designers, who are quickly making their own mark."the process is evolving once again we have gone from large quantities of large distribution systems to small quantities of selected designs. Today, we have reinvented the process, my attention is focused on making popular products with high level of creativity and artistry, at a reasonable price."



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