Nic Nac_10.5x10.5x13
Nic Nac_10.5x10.5x13
Nic Nac_10.5x10.5x13
Normann Copenhagen Nicholai Wiig Hansen

Nic Nac_10.5x10.5x13

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Organizer set,. Combine the different colors and shapes.
L. 10,5 x P. 10,5 x H. 13 cm
Powder Coated Steel.
Nicholai Wiig Hansen
Wash by hand and wipe thoroughly or clean with damp cloth

Product reference code: 100000542

Product reference code: 100000542

Product reference code: 100000542

In Nic Nac, Nicholai Wiig Hansen has combined his passion for a stringent, industrial look with refined details, which give the design a balanced expression.

“It was important to get the interaction between the proportions and the thin edges right. In order to add lightness and dynamics to the design, I have created a perforated pattern. That makes Nic Nac more domestic in appearance. It also creates a play on shadows and a camouflage effect, which arouses curiosity, so you want to see what’s in it,” says Nicholai Wiig Hansen.

The useful organizer family comes in seven lovely, glossy colors and five different sizes that all fit perfectly inside each other. Use Nic Nac for everything from office supplies, keys and make-up, to the serving of snacks, as a fruit bowl or for storing cooking oils in the kitchen.

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