Our response to the spread of COVID-19

* Latest update at 15th of May 2020 *

We are happy to announce that our stores in Milan will reopen on Monday 18th of May.  

It will be possible to come to the shop during normal business hours, from Monday to Saturday.

We have adopted all the greeting and safety protocols to ensure the wellbeing of our Staff and customers.  In our stores there is no shortage of space, it will be possible to respect the correct distances.  

Book an appointment to discuss quotes and projects, or for any advice; in this way we will be able to offer you a dedicated service, without keep you waiting.

For more information and specifications, you can visit our Stores locator or contact us by clicking here



* Latest update at 28th of April 2020 *

Our warehouses are operational.

The foreign suppliers we work with have restarted shipments to Italy as well as production activities; some slight delays are still possible for some types of products, but the market flow is getting  back to normal.

Deliveries and assembly  by appointment on Milan and hinterland areas will star back on May 11th.

All orders placed online are processed regularly.

Items available for immediate delivery:

Purchases made from Monday to Thursday are shipped within the same week; orders placed between Friday and Sunday will be processed in the following week.

Items not available in stock:

Supply times for goods not currently present at our warehouses are indicated in the individual product sheets; for some types of product it may be necessary to add about 10 days to the estimated times.    

In store Pickup of online or e-mail orders will not be possible before our stores reopen on May 18th.

The team is at your complete disposal for any doubt or clarification.

Thanks,  Design Republic


* Latest update at 14th of April 2020 *

Our warehouses are getting back in operation.

In these days we are sorting and preparing all the items currently at our warehouses to be able to get back regularly with deliveries. We will use these days to organize our calendar and to schedule all the appointments.

From April 20, deliveries will resume with our dedicated staff in Milan and the urban area for all orders pending with an agreed delivery or assembly.

For all orders awaiting for supply instead, we are monitoring the situation with our foreign suppliers, to understand the developments of the situation in the coming weeks.

For the online purchase of products stetted as not in stock, at the average availability times indicated in the product sheet, it may be necessary to add two weeks for the final waiting times.

For any questions on orders in progress, needs or projects, our staff will continue to operate in smart working mode:

Email: info@designrepublic.com

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the momentary inconvenience.

Team Design Republic



* Latest update at 7th of April 2020 *

We believe being together is the key.

In a situation that keeps to change rapidly at an international level, our services change to remain at your side.

Our warehouses are closed until April 13th.

You can still place your orders, we will ship them asap after the reopening. Here's how it works:

- We continue to accept your orders regularly

- Most of our items come from Denmark, with a lead time of around 4 weeks; this allows you to be able to start the order now and receive it once the transport lock is canceled

- Shipments of goods ready for delivery will take place when our warehouse is reopened.

- For the delivery of all products not in stock at the average availability times indicated in the product sheet, you need to add two weeks for the final waiting times.

- For clarifications on orders in progress, requests and projects, our team will continue to assist you in smart working mode: Email us at or contact us on our social channels.


We have extended the return period for all online orders, up to 20 days from delivery.


For purchases made in-store, we have extended the exchange of goods up to 30 days from the reopening.


If the delivery location is currently affected by delivery delays, we will continue to accept your orders and deliver them as soon as the restrictions are lifted. You can continue shopping on Design Republic as usual: we guarantee the delivery of all the goods, even if with variable times due to the critical issues.


If you have an order to pick up in the store, it will be there waiting for you when the stores open again.

We apologize for the momentary inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

We remind you that our Customer Services is operational for all requests.  



*Latest update at  24th of March 2020*

As we promised Design doesn't stop. Our online platform remains active, and it will still be possible placing order for the entire catalogue.

The Team will continue to process and tracking your orders; however, due to the latest events, orders will slow down as we are forced to to temporarily stop our logistics and delivery activities, without however interrupting our usual customers support.

At the same time, it will be possible to continue send us your requests and place orders even offline, through our contacts, which remain unchanged.

Keep in touch!

Design Republic Team


Dear all,

These are truly unprecedented circumstances and first, we wish to return soon at a normal state of events. As we monitor the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to offer this constantly updated resource for our customers to share the precautions that Design Republic is taking to ensure the safety and wellness of our stores, employees and customers and also update you on any interruptions to our services.

We’re here to help...we’re all in this together.

It is Design Republic’s policy to remain alert and empathetic to our extended community by staying abreast of national and international health recommendations and the Italian government’s ever-evolving guidelines.

Since opening, the aim of our business has remained the same: selecting for our customers the very best Nordic-Design products from different suppliers across the North Europe and abroad. Therefore, as the situation stands, in this difficult times, we believe Design seeks to respond, inspire us and help us move forward.

Our Stores

The government decided for businesses deemed non-essential to close their doors. So, although our Stores stand silent, we are still here for our customers where we can and we are happy to continue to stay in the business and remain operational as possible, through our email address:



Similarly, for any contact information, special request or dedicated quotation our Team is operating at full capacity and will be keeping answering you.

Reach out. We’re here!

Chat with us or write an email, you can still rely on expert advice, product knowledge, and space planning. We’re here to help.

Our Office

At Design Republic’s office, we’ve restricted employee travel since late February and most of us are now working remotely. We will still be working from home, as a team, to help you. We are in full operative mode through our website and you can contact us at:


Our Warehouse

The warehouse is open and operative. At our fulfillment and warehouse facilities, our packers and pickers are taking extra steps to ship your products safely. They regularly sanitize and wash their hands and wear gloves while handling your products and shipments.

Potential shipment delays

As we navigate the changes incurred by the spread of COVID-19, you may experience delayed delivery times. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we move through this together. For more information and lead times, please see the product pages or contact us.

We work with many dedicated and agile suppliers, as such, we are assured that there are no delays across our supply chain at present. We are monitoring the situation closely and endeavour to communicate promptly if our positions shift.

The Design Republic Team

To keep our customers informed, this page will be continually updated, including Stores informations, delivery lead-times and custumers service channels. We are committed to remaining operational at the best we could but it is our responsibility to maintain our clients and Staff's safety.

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