Pod Lens H. 180
Pod Lens H. 180
Pod Lens H. 180
Pod Lens H. 180
Luceplan Ross Lovegrove

Pod Lens H. 180

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Luce da esterno con asta
H. 180
Made entirely of injection-molded polycarbonate; diffuser with prismatic internal sides and overmolded lens
Ross Lovegrove
Light fitting
Max 23W FBT E27
Illuminant included

Product reference code: 100005907

Product reference code: 100005907

Product reference code: 100005907

A colored polycarbonate bud, sealed against wind and rain, place on the pavement or plant in the ground. The diffuser, entirely in polycarbonate, has a moulded surface, making the lamp waterproof and the color resistant to ultraviolet rays.

The light for your home garden, the terrace, spaces around the swimming pool or… for the vegetable garden. Pod Lens is high, low, stuck into the ground, in bunches or festoons on the branches of trees.

The diffuser, reminiscent of natural forms like those of flower buds, is made entirely of polycarbonate, with over-moulded walls that make the lamp waterproof and its colours resistant to ultraviolet rays. It is also an electrically versatile lamp that takes both energy-saving bulbs and normal incandescent ones. Inside the house, when raised on a high stem with aluminium base, it becomes a lightweight floor lamp. Pod Lens is delivered without a plug because, due precisely to its adaptability, it may require an IP65 plug (for outdoor use), a normal one (for indoors), or a special three-way joint for series connections.