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Willy Dilly Bon_SALES
Willy Dilly Bon_SALES
Ingo Maurer

Willy Dilly Bon_SALES

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H. 50 cm, L. 35 cm, Rosone: Ø 9 cm
Light fitting
60 Watt, 230 V/ 50 Hz
Illuminant included
Cable length
200 cm

Product reference code: 100008370

Product reference code: 100008370

Product reference code: 100008370

Willydilly is a lightweight and aerial pendant lamp by the seeming simplicity. The lampshade is made with cardboard that resembles a translucent sheet of paper. The shiny surface of a pure white diffuses a soft and warm light.

Willydilly is a pendant lamp wrapped by a translucent cardboard sheet. The cardboard sheet is attached to the frame with a small fluorescent clip. The light falls vertically from the folds of the sheet and it is spread through the cardboard into the surrounding environment. The lamp was designed by Ingo Maurer himself in 1983, and for over 30 years, this lamp never ceases to amaze and astonish with its changing forms.

The lamp is adjustable in height, the manufacturer recommends the use of lighting E27, max. 230 Volt, 60 Watt max.

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