MAGIS Naoto Fukasawa


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H. 28,5 cm; L. 18 cm; D. 9 cm
Naoto Fukasawa
Battery included
LR20 D Mono 1.5V

Product reference code: 100001793

Product reference code: 100001793

Product reference code: 100001793

Minimalistic cuckoo Clock with white front and bird.

The minimalism applied to an object that is traditionally full of ornaments, has as a result a product that combines three different cultures: the Japanese one of the designer Naoko Fukasama, the Italian one of the manufacturer and the German tradition of cuckoo clocks. The clock runs on batteries 1.5V

Magis is a historic Italian company founded in 1976 by Eugenio Perazza. Magis looks like as a great laboratory for cutting-edge design and experimentation, able to detect the creativity of the international and emerging designers, markets, and direct it to objects that set trends.