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Kaleido M

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H. 2 cm, L. 33,5 cm, D: 19,5 cm
Steel, powder coated
Clara von Zweibergk
Not food or liquid safe. Clean with a moist cloth when necessary, and dry immediately afterward.

Product reference code: 100002265

Product reference code: 100002265

Product reference code: 100002265

Kaleido is a series of steel trays with different shapes and colours.

The geometric shape allows the trays to be placed side by side in different combination, or to be used individually. Kaleido combines classic and eccentric colors in a game of contrasts that allows a multitude of different combinations: they takes tray service to a new level.

Kaleido is an original set of trays, designed by Clara vo Zweigberg, for Hay. The trays in different colors and sizes offer an infinite amount of functions and combinations. The different sizes of Kaleido, start with the small XS, which can be used as a snack or empty pockets, continue with Kaleido S, M and L, up to the largest, Kaleido XL, which can be used as a convenient serving tray . All Kaleido have been designed with their own function.

The shapes of the metal tray have been chosen so that even the smallest fits perfectly into the largest. For example, 9 of the smaller Kaleido can be composed in the larger one, thus having a play function even when not used.