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Pepe Marble Mirror Wall

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Flat mirror on one side, 3x magnifying mirror on other side.
25x3x26 cm
Marble, brass, mirror.

Product reference code: 100010659

Product reference code: 100010659

Product reference code: 100010659

 The classic standing mirror gets a functionalist update with this new wall attachment. The focus on materials and quality makes the Pepe Marble Mirror timeless. The Pepe Marble Mirror, designed by Milan-based firm Studiopepe, is an elegant study of functionality overlapping with aesthetic. 

The Pepe was previously only available as a standing mirror and is now available in a wall-mounted option. This makes it perfect for small spaces and spaces where you don’t want items to be moveable, such as restaurant bathrooms or hotel rooms. One side of the mirror offers regular reflection, while the other shows magnification of 300%; a perfect mirror for self-grooming. The colour combinations of black, white or brown marble with brushed brass offer a sophisticated contrast, one that emphasises the texture and heft of the materials. This is a mirror that, while utilitarian, adds a certain refinement to the room through its simple form and beautiful craftsmanship.

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