Hem Pauline Deltour

Rope Rug

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Product warranty: 5 years
Terracotta and Seaweed available from September 2022
Medium: L: 240 x W: 170 cm; Large: L: 300 x W: 200 cm
95% Cotton, 5% Polyester
Pauline Deltour

Product reference code: 100010732

Product reference code: 100010732

Product reference code: 100010732

Textile innovation.

Deeply textural, extremely functional, pleasantly tactile—the Rope Rug series is an innovative take on a familiar typology. Designer Pauline Deltour was inspired to reimagine the endlessly practical traditional Japanese tatami mat, but with rope to create a chunkier and more durable textile. Hem first produces meter upon meter of our own colorful cotton rope, which is then skillfully hand-woven into rugs of four colorways and three sizes. The rhythmic looping is an alluring texture when viewed from afar and a compelling design detail when experienced up close.

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