Tuck Vase

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Stoneware with high-gloss coloured glaze.
Ø: 34 x H: 40 cm

Product reference code: 100010701

Product reference code: 100010701

Product reference code: 100010701

To achieve the perfect balance between a fluid and a powerful expression, our designers sculpted the first Tuck Pot by hand, thus creating a Pot marked by our creative instincts. Combining its vibrant form with a high-gloss glaze, this design will answer any prayer for a remarkable piece, created in the nexus of art and handicraft. Use the pot with a large plant or by its own.

Surrounded by three mountains, the factory where our ceramic products are produced is located in Cháozhou, a charming city in the eastern part of Guangdong Province, China, which is also known as the ’Ceramic Capital of China’. The factory manufactures different items from hardened clay – anything from tableware and mugs, to sculptural vases and lamp bases. Despite the fast-changing world, the 60 employees at this factory remain loyal to the true spirit of craftsmanship at every stage of production.

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