Ordinary day
Ordinary day
Ordinary day
Ordinary day
Ordinary day
Ordinary day
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Ordinary Day

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Chest of 4 drawers in solid fir wood in a natural finish.
L.135 x P.53/60 x H.86 cm
Solid fir wood in a natural finish.
Raphael Charles

Product reference code: 18036818

Product reference code: 18036818

Product reference code: 18036818

Four drawers dresser in solid fir wood. Designed by the artist and designer Raphael Charles.

This dresser might not be something you usually see inside a house, but it will surely look ordinary inside a wood workshop.

At a first sight it is just a pile of wood boards, but analyzing it with a more closer look we can see that it is actually a piece of furniture. A piece of furniture that look just like a pile of the material it is made of.

The interior of the dresser are black. 

The irregularity of this piece of furniture are to be intended as stylish features and not lacks.

Raphaël Charles (1979) is – by his own definition, a self-educated creator of objects. Far from being the result of a “materialistic” desire, his creations are born rather from the need to materialize the desire to put into perspective  fast evolution, a hyperconsumerism  of ideas,  things,  time…The object suspends time, is positioned in  space like an interface and produces lasting relations.

 Raphaël creates sculptures that can be used but at the same time make you question the concept of usefulness. What is a useful object? His creations are impossible to classify because they appeal to everyone and on all levels: artistic design or functional art?  Or more simply a desire to create objects which are born out of observation and that can be  observed.  The usefulness becomes an option.  The wish is to seduce.

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