Teatro Table
Teatro Table
MAGIS Marc Berthier

Teatro Tavolo

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H. 68-95 cm ; L. 200 cm; D. 90 cm
Solid beech. Tops in tempered glass or in painted MDF
Marc Berthier
Max. 95 cm

Product reference code: 78350654

Product reference code: 78350654

Product reference code: 78350654

Table with adjustable trestles in solid beech designed in 1979 by Marc Berthier and reedited in 2010 by Magis.


Itinerant  theaters like Commedia dell’Arte or that of Moliere used to act in public places as suqares on a "stage" made out of floorboards set on trestles.

Marc Berthier redesigned for Magis in 1979 the stage trestle, he changed its proportions, transforming it into a structural and functional part of the table.

It is made of solid beech and assembled by visible tenons and mortises.

The adjustable trestles allow you to change the height of the table depending of your needs.

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