Hem Julien Renault

Punched Metal Hook

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Product warranty: 5 years
Small: D: 7.5 x L: 6.1 cm; Large: D: 8.9 x L: 6.5 cm
Powder-coated Punched Metal
Julien Renault

Product reference code: 100010730

Product reference code: 100010730

Product reference code: 100010730

A heavy-duty press stamps thick plates of steel into shape to create the Punched Metal Hook. These tough, industrially inspired objects by Julien Renault are a tribute to the precision and efficiency of metalworking processes. Their substantial scale and elegant form make them not only the perfect place to hang your coat, but also miniature sculptures in their own right. 

Various powder-coated color options add to the hooks' decorative appeal. Use them in strict rows for regimented order or scatter them liberally across your wall for a dynamic effect.

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