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Loud bar

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Dimensions: L: 60 cm W: 39 cm H: 99 cmNet weight: 12.3 kg
Legs, shelves and top material: solid oak. External material: polished aluminum laminate. Wheels: steel with rubber.
Färg & Blanche

Product reference code: 100009546

Product reference code: 100009546

Product reference code: 100009546

Elegant and sophisticated carraige bar.

With a name like Loud, you would expect this elegant piece of furniture to scream for attention, but barely whisper. Loud is a nice spectator, waiting to be noticed.
Loud is elegant and suave, it is an expression of simplicity that takes minimalism to a higher level. The piece of furniture is designed without embellishments and made with soft contours. The doors and side surfaces are embellished with a continuous layer of glossy aluminum laminate that creates a dazzling mirror effect. The sparkling body is completed by a top made of smoked oak, with oak legs that rest on metal wheels that cover each foot.

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