Bombo - Stool
Bombo - Stool
MAGIS Stefano Giovannoni

Bombo - Stool

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H. 61-85 cm; L. 44 cm; D. 44 cm
Frame made of chromed steel; seat made of ABS.
Stefano Giovannoni

Product reference code: 100002689

Product reference code: 100002689

Product reference code: 100002689

Swivel stool adjustable in height. Designed by Stafano Giovannoni.

Even if the stool has been is production since 1997 it can be already considered a design classic. The fomula of the success of Italian design is always the same: the capability to combine aestitic and functionality, the height is adjustable via a gas valve, which is hidden in the body of the stool.

Magis is a historic Italian company founded in 1976 by Eugenio Perazza. Magis looks like as a great laboratory for cutting-edge design and experimentation, able to detect the creativity of the international and emerging designers, markets, and direct it to objects that set trends.


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