Soft Edge 72 - Oak
HAY Iskos–Berlin Design

Soft Edge 72

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W. 36 x D. 36 x H. 47,5 cm
solid oak
Iskos–Berlin Design

Product reference code: 100007418

Product reference code: 100007418

Product reference code: 100007418

The Soft Edge series, by Iskos-Berlin, was created thanks to the exploration of innovative developments in printed plywood techniques.

The Soft Edge series is characterized by the union of decisive curves with extreme lightness to create a three-dimensionality that is normally not possible with the 2D plywood. The seats are composed of soft and ultra-thin lines, which are folded away from the body, designed to optimize human comfort for constant movement and movement. This shorter model stool variant features wooden legs that enhance the minimalist aesthetic and create a feeling of lightness. Its strength, together with its stackability and functionality, guarantees years of daily use in a wide range of public and private environments, from corporate spaces to bars and domestic environments.

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