Treku was born in a beautiful coastal town with a long-established tradition in the area of woodworking and carpentry and a fun fact is that its name was taken from its founder, Jesus Aldabaldetrecu,a cabinetmaker of enterprising spirit.

Since then Treku iswell  know for producing high-quality furniture and today, the company continues to broaden its knowledge through contact with other countries, continents and cultures, which teach us something new every day. The quality, even in the simplest piece, is crucial point for Treku to maintaining market recognition: for this reason this is a requirement extended to all stages of the manufacturing process. Treku has a wide range of specific products available in an endless array of finishes, doors, handles, upholstery and materials.
One particular feature of products in the Treku range is their timeless design, and that's why we still like a product several years after it has been designed and manufactured; a clear proof of the quality of its design.

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