Northern Stine Aas


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Oak wood - Smoked or black
L: 56 x P: 53 H: 75 H seduta: 46 cm
Varnished oak wood
Stine Aas

Product reference code: 100009716

Product reference code: 100009716

Product reference code: 100009716

The chair was inspired by the simplicity and craftsmanship that characterizes the traditional Japanese woodworking. Available in three different finishes: oak, stained, or black.

The designer has decided to hide the joints of the chair, giving Oaki a refined, unique and weightless character, which seems perfectly in appearance. Each leg rises from the floor over the entire height of the chair, cradling the back between all four. The rear legs are tilted backwards from the seat, meeting the floor behind the chair instead of below it. The position of the legs makes the chair come to life while they seem to take a step back.

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