Carta della luha
Carta della luha
DANESE Bruno Munari

Carta della luna

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Included in the packaging plastic rods to hang the press
100 x 100 cm
Silkscreen printing on book-binding canvas
Bruno Munari

Product reference code: 93771445

Product reference code: 93771445

Product reference code: 93771445

It is a silk-screen printing reproducing the Moon with geographical accuracy: “today it’s necessary to follow astronautical events as once you followed the challenges of daring travelers, putting small flags on large maps” is the humorous presentation that wrote Bruno Munari in 1959.

Danese proposes a silk-screen printing with modern techniques but keeping print jobs faithful to the original edition. It is made of black bookbinding fabric, on which is first printed a black background; then the other 4 colors overlap, making up the design: an elegant combination of silver gray, white and two shades of unsaturated pink.

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