Danese is an historical brand of italian design.

Since its inception in 1957, Danese’s consideration of man and his needs have been primary. Danese has also been a hub for experiments that have generated basic responses to the needs of society and its evolution. Designers such as Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari have been making Italian design history by developing innovative products that are contemporary and timeless interpretations of objects for every day use.

The new products represent the culture of respecting values that are still modern: simplification as research of what is essential, applied intelligence for convenient solutions, attention given to achieve quality surroundings that appeal to the senses and perceptions and sustainability of materials and semantics.

Danese is involved in all those issues concerning modern society’s environmental responsibilities, respecting the planet and acknowledging the importance of the contribution of any single human being. With Danese Light and Space Design, modern life acquires new expressive opportunities and utilizes a conscious and positive approach that introduces new meanings into the design world.

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Danese Milano Danese Milano creates unique home accessories, authentic artistic objects, including lamps, prints and Italian design bookcases at the best price on our online shop designed by Munari and Mari designers.

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