Diciotto, il Porcello
Diciotto, il Porcello
Diciotto, il Porcello
DANESE Enzo Mari

Diciotto, il Porcello

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Plastic support rods included.
Frame not included.
L70 x H45 cm
Enzo Mari

Product reference code: 100008719

Product reference code: 100008719

Product reference code: 100008719

Two-color screenprint by Enzo Mari. Danese art editions.

Serigraph depicting the archetype of the pig.

The Nature series stems from the quest to transform an image into a symbol through a programmed reduction that tends to eliminate the superfluous in favor of meaning, with a view to the realization of multiple art. From 1961 to 1976, Mari designs 17 symbols produced with texiline serigraphs. Mari began working on the subjects that make up this series since 1957: in that year he conceived the first version of the Game of Fables, which Danese would put into production in 1965. Becoming almost a symbol of Danish production, this series is one of the few examples of editions that achieve the goal of creating 'artistic' images based on the concept of seriality for the living environment. Of these works there are no originals, because the final image is obtained only through the technical procedures of reproduction (serigraphy) Mari seems to look through the choice of these subjects' archetypes', the form and the technique of their representation a sort of 'super -icon ': Apple is not an apple but Apple.

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